Safety Tips for Johannesburg

security is an issue in Jozi

security is an issue in Jozi

Booking at a bed and breakfast in Johannesburg is easy because you can contact the owner in advance through the Internet. However, before you do that, it would be advisable to go through our safety and security tips on what to watch out for and what to stay away from.

Johannesburg: Crime Rate

Johannesburg is neither a “bed of iniquity” nor a haven for criminals, despite the bad reputation it managed to earn in the 1990s. Nonetheless it does have its share of problems. Instead of pretending otherwise, it’s better to aware of what may happen so that you can avoid certain situations and facilities.

With bed and breakfast businesses, or B&Bs, you lower your risks because not just anyone can walk into the B&B. Guests are usually limited to a few rooms and strangers stand out like a sore thumb almost immediately. Also, most B&B facilities have secure perimeter fences and sturdy locks on all their doors.

Whether in South Africa or other parts of the world, owners of B&Bs are very cautious and would probably screen their guests beforehand. It’s not something you should take personally, and instead be encouraged because it protects you just as well as it protects them.

7 Safety Tips

  • Research the different accommodation options you have with your budget and desired location as your top priorities. Like hotels, a B&B relies heavily on repeat customers and good feedback. You can log onto chat rooms or discussions about Johannesburg B&B facilities or talk to locals as soon as you get to the city. For example, two frequent pieces of advice from residents of Johannesburg would be to look for a B&B with secure parking and an outdoor Security Camera; and never leave valuables exposed in a parked car.
  • When you arrive, find out where the fire exits are and if there are fire extinguishers in your room. Ask your host where the nearest clinic and police station are.
  • Avoid going out at night on your own. Most bed & breakfast places do not serve lunch or dinner which means stepping out for your afternoon and evening meals. It would be a good idea to pick a B&B that has nearby restaurants so you don’t have to walk long distances at night or end up in a taxi with a reckless driver.
  • You might want to consider asking the owner of the B&B if they have a safe in the house where you can keep your expensive gadgets, jewellery, or money. It would be crazy to walk around any major city flaunting your riches.
  • Trust your instincts when you approach the B&B house you’re booked into. If you feel strange about the location or the owner, try to find another B&B. You can also ask around or do more extensive research on the Internet about the facilities.
  • Always let your host or anyone else you trust know when you are stepping out and where you are going.
  • Check the windows if there are screens to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes at night. If there is no screen, you could request for a mosquito net or bug spray/lotion

These are just a few common sense safety tips you should adopt when you travel to Johannesburg. You don’t have to be over zealous about security but it would not be a good idea to be too lax either.