You should stay at this luxury address

You should stay at this luxury address

If you are the type of person who would buy that low-key toyota for sale and your style is to move with the crowd and stay under the radar, then we won’t fault you on that… But, if you choose to swim against the flow, stand out from the crowd, and proudly flaunt your style and sophistication, then we know just the place where a personality like yours would make the grade. The City of Gold is beckoning, so the next time you’re in need of Johannesburg accommodation – whether on business, leisure, or adventure – the superior choice for your stay would have to be 54 on Bath in Rosebank.

About the boutique hotel

Having started out as the Grace Hotel and subsequently being bought over and redesigned into a brand new icon of Rosebank, 54 on Bath is named after her illustrious address in this trendy suburb – making your stay unforgettable at an address that’s very memorable. Walking into the foyer of 54 on Bath, you’ll see that this is where the classic edge in the décor begins. The lines and colours are sharp and masculine, while the detail breathes that classy, feminine touch – a marriage of contemporary and classic so subtle that the only word you can think of to describe it is “luxurious”.

Rooms and amenities

The design of the individual rooms of 54 on Bath are centred around guests’ comfort, so you’ll instantly feel relaxed and calm when you enter your room and for the duration of your stay. The staff are focused on attention to detail, so you’ll hardly find anything amiss as you get straight to your business or leisure in Johannesburg. Whether you’re staying in one of the 60 Deluxe Standard rooms, one of 12 Executive rooms, or are privileged enough to indulge in one of three Luxury Suites, you’ll find that spacious comfort is the focus of the offering at 54 on Bath.

Conference and dining

54 on Bath makes for an exclusive meeting location, with three well-appointed meeting rooms with a seating capacity of up to 120 guests available. But you won’t need to fret about the details – that’s what the conferencing team is for.

In keeping with the literal naming conventions, the hotel’s restaurant is called Level Four and is located on the fourth floor of the hotel where you get to indulge in a beautiful menu of delicious meals – from an a la carte breakfast to a light lunch or a sensational supper. For pre- or after-dinner drinks, the Bar has a wide range of wines, cocktails and beers on tap.

Relax alongside the pool or go shopping at the Mall of Rosebank – whatever your fancy, 54 on Bath will not disappoint.